Friday, January 30, 2009

Robbie and Brady's Birthdays

Tay, Brady, Rob, Jake and Grandma

Robbie doesn't like cake!

Brady does like cake and, especially, pink cake

Grandma with the birthday boy and birthday girl

Oh My Gosh!! Rob is 24 and Brady is 10. Where has the time gone? We are soooo blessed! They are both wonderful, loving, funny, intelligent, independent, beautiful and full of light! We always have such a great time when we are all together as a family. Again, we had Mexican food and an awesome time. Brad, Leslie, Grandma T., Grandma Penny, Rob, Ashley, Jake, and Brady were there. Taylor was M.I.A. Happy Birthday, Rob-January 28th and Happy Birthday, Brady- January 29th! I love love love you!

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KRISTIN said...

Robbie doesn't like cake? I think you told me that once, but how is that possible? lol
It looks like you guys had fun (bummer Tay wasn't there!)Tell Brady my first choice in cake is pink as well.... Happy Birthday hugs to Rob & Brady!! (funny, I ALMOST used this blog background it is so cute....but I thought I would leave it for you :) love you! K