Sunday, March 18, 2012

Annual St. Baldrick's (Bald Day)

This is my family's 6th year of being involved with this great cause.  We became involved because of our friend Kayleigh.  She has had cancer for that long now.  She has gotten better and she has gotten worse, that's how it's gone.  Raising money for research for children's cancer is very worthwhile. 

 This year my older son, Taylor, decided to get involved.  He had long hair back in November and thought it would cause people to want to donate if he would shave off his "mop" :).  He was right!!!!  He raised $6240.  Yes, that's thousands!!  Jacob and my husband also raised hundreds of dollars.  We are so happy to help and so glad that many other people are too.

Happy, Lucky, Blessed!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Birthday-Better Late than Never :)

 Olive Garden

 DEElicious!! (Brady made it)

I am a thankful Daughter of God