Tuesday, August 2, 2011

While the Kids Were Away-This is What We Were Doing

Our two youngest kids went away to church camp in AZ.  This was there 1st time away from home.  They were gone for 6 days.  They LOVED it!  No homesickness, no sadness, no worries, no problems!  Incredible!
My husband took the week off to help (do all of the moving) me move to a new classroom.  I am moving from 1st grade to 3rd grade.  I hurt my back a few months ago (I don't know how, but I have a large herniated disc, and I'm so sad about it).  My wonderful hubby took over.  I barely lifted anything.
Anyway, it was beautiful weather all week and we spent a large majority of our time in my classroom.  We managed to go out to dinner, out to lunch, swim in our pool, relax in the sun, read a little, rent movies, and just relax, also, but I'm telling you my husband wins the award for best husband of the year!  I'm off all summer, but he had to take vacation to WORK for me :).  I'm a good boss and I did try to treat him to his favorites :)!
I still have work to do, but my classroom is looking great and I'm very excited about it!

 The campers