Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday, Taylor!

Taylor reading "21 things not to do", "21 things I love about Taylor", 21 things I love to do with Taylor" and "21 favorite memories of Taylor" some of the cards from us. Obviously, Taylor thought some were funny.
Nana and Papa
Grandma and Tay
Mom, Tay and Brady

Rob, Whit, and Taylor
Tay and Jake
Tay and Kierstin
Most of the gang!

Oh how I love you, Tay! I can hardly believe you are 21. It has been an honor to be your mom. You are more special than I can describe. You are sensitive and strong, smart and silly, kind and sarcastic, determined and stubborn, loving and compassionate! I love you with all my heart. God has so many good plans for you, honey, be patient and you will have everything that is good for you. Happy Birthday!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jo' D Ann

Today is my sister-in-law/daughter/girl's birthday. She is 22 and such a sweet young woman. She has so many wonderful things awaiting her. Happy Birthday, Jo'D Ann! I love you.

We all love you, Jo'D. Happy Birthday, Love, Kierstin, Tay, Jake, Rob, Brady Ann, & Ash

Friday, November 6, 2009


We have been busy and had lots of fun things going on. Jake's middle school team won the championship!! Yay! Soooo cool! That was on the morning of Halloween. Then we celebrated Halloween. We have a neighborhood full of great kids. We got pictures of some of them.
Rob & Jake

The Champions

The proof. (We were home)

Taylor was in Santa Barbara for a Halloween party, so he missed out on the excitement. He did text us back and forth throughout the whole game :), though.

Carving the pumpkins.

My cute little bumblebee.

My bumblebee and my criminal (how proud I am :) )

Robbie, he would transform himself into Ken and his girlfriend, Ashley, would become Barbie later that night.

Hopefully Jake will never where these stripes for real :)

The neighborhood gang.

My sassy bumblebee.