Friday, January 16, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite thing is to feel healthy and not to have a cold. I love to have energy and ambition. We celebrated our anniversary last night and I did not feel well, at all. And, today I feel worse. This makes me really appreciate my health! Oh Yeah, Happy Anniversary, Honey. I love you and you truly are the best husband I could ask for.

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KRISTIN said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What did you do? Did you go out? I'll have to get the "scoop".....
You make a beautiful couple as the both of you are beautiful inside and out! I'm so happy we married into the same family and get to be 'sisters'! We have both been blessed with wonderful husbands!! I also love the Rose Bowl layout - thanks for sharing - that was a fun day wasn't it? Talk soon...Love you!