Saturday, January 10, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

I'm not sure this counts because it only happens once a year and only falls on Friday once every seven years, but Brad's birthday was my favorite thing this Friday!! My husband is a blessing to all of us that we will never earn. He holds us together in such a humorous way. What I mean is his sense of humor is what makes our life bearable sometimes! He is a funny guy with a funny comment on the tip of his tongue all the time. We celebrated his birthday at one of his favorite Mexican restaurants in Seal Beach, Taco Surf. His mom, my mom, his dad, his dad's fiance and all four of our kids were there. We could see our blessings right before our eyes. It was very entertaining. Happy Birthday, Babe! I'm glad you're mine!

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KRISTIN said...

I'm loving your blog background, your pictures, and this post! Looks like you had fun on Friday - only one thing missing from the! Wish we could have been there to celebrate Brad's birthday with all of you....maybe someday! Yes, you are blessed with a great husband and wonderful family....but they are TRULY blessed with you - as am I! Have a great Monday - talk soon! K