Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not Much

We have been so busy! We are all adjusting to me working full-time. I love to teach and I am happy at my new school. I feel blessed and I am enjoying it all, BUT I am so tired! My kids are tired and my husband is tired. We manage to get, almost, everything done and go to our sporting events. Rob even made it to Jake's first football game. It was soooo hot that day(105 degrees), but not today! It rained really hard and it is a cool 62 degrees right now. We are having some wacky weather. I hope you're all doing well!


gabe said...

It must be hard to work full-time and keep up with everything and I imagine you want to spend lots of time on your classroom stuff since it is "new again" to you.

Hang in there

Together We Save said...

Glad you are enjoying working again.... sorry you are so tired though. Kids, sports, work can really keep you hopping.

Oh I love your background!!

Heather said...

Cute pictures, does sound like you have been busy!
We're hoping for some rain here, but there doesn't seem to be any in sight!

Danielle Calhoun said...

Hi Leslie! I just wanted you to know that I made my blog private, but I would love to give you access still (you have been one of my best readers! hehe). if you email me your email address I will send you an invite. :) daniellecalhoun@mac.com