Friday, July 2, 2010

Favorite Things Friday- My Family

Yesterday was Jake's birthday and I felt blessed beyond measure. It is the summertime in Southern California, my third child is 13, happy and healthy, all four of my children are loving and supportive of each other and us, and we were all together. Really, what more could I ask for (okay world peace and salvation for everyone)?

We went to Soupplantation (one of Jake's favorites) with all four kids and their girlfriends (just the big boys :) ). We went back home to have cake and presents. Jacob was loved-up! Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my children being so caring and unselfish. The Lord has given me more than I will ever deserve and I will try to honor Him in every way I can.

Happy Birthday, you wonderful boy!


nancy said...

hi leslie.. i miss you so much... i sent you and email on your school address as i don't have the correct home address for you. please check it and respond.
hope all is going well!

He & me + 3 said...

That is so great. you are so blessed. Happy Birthday to your teenager. Great family picture.

Mindy said...

Are you we long lost friends?!? I love your blog!

You AND your family are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every single one of you has the best smile! What a happy family!

I love how Jake was "loved-up"! I might have to start using that. You are just a doll, Leslie!