Sunday, January 31, 2010

The End of January

On my way to Rob's office
Out to lunch with my baby boy, who has his own important job
"Enough pictures, Mom!"

Brady wanted to cook dinner with Uncle Jay, as her birthday present. He and Aunt Shayne ordered this cool chef's coat personalized for Brady-so awesome!
Brady's best friend, Olivia, came along with her and had a blast cooking with her.
The girls really made the cheesecake. It was amazing!
Uncle Jay explained the timing of preparing a gourmet dinner. They made "Sunday Gravy" for us. It is pasta with chicken cutlets, braised ribs, meatballs and sausage. We also had salad and garlic bread. Everything was delicious!
Uncle Jay was so patient and was such a good teacher! It was a birthday Brady will never forget!
One night earlier we celebrated with all the kids.
Our favorite food- Mexican from Super Mex
Daddy brought pink roses to Brady, at school. A yearly birthday tradition.
Taylor & Grandma
Ashley, Brady, birthday boy Rob, & cousin Carleigh
Robbie & Mommy (my 25 year-old 1st baby)

And, now onto February.


He & Me + 3 said...

You are so beautiful and could be your children's sibling. Gorgeous pictures. Brady's birthday wish was so cool. My Actress would have loved that too. Beautiful roses on her birthday too. What a fun tradition and a sweet daddy.

Anonymous said...

your blog is adorable - so cheerful - but FYI, the new background color (brown) makes it really difficult to read your words (black) -

~ east coast fan

Kristin said...

I love this post - there is so much in it, I could pretend I was there :) Good thinking on Brady's part to ask to spend the day cooking with Jay...I may ask for that for my birthday, maybe we can do it together...Wouldn't that be fun? He is so good with the kids (he and Shayne both) It looks like it was a fun day.
I love that you had lunch with Robbie - I hope my kids want to have lunch with me when they are his age :) You are a wonderful Mom and the sweetest person - beautiful inside and out. I love you and miss you much!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh!! Your family is just so awesome!!! You can totally see the love in everyones face!!

And not to sound gross, but you could have passed for your sons girlfriend!!!!! LOL!!! What a handsome guy!!!!

And the meal sounded wonderful, and the cheesecake looks YUMMY!

Erin said...

Hi - just stopping by to say thanks for visiting the blog my husband is sharing with us all "365 and a Wake-Up" were not at all intruding and he was thrilled to get a comment. One of the things he discovered when he decided to make this move was that no one was writing about their experiences as contractors overseas and so he decided to fill the void as a way to share information and keep us all in the loop. He was so desperate for information that he just couldn't find as we began this journey. So please keep visiting...

P.S. As a transplanted Angeleno, I loved seeing your picture of Long Beach! Your family is gorgeous.

chili pepper said...

Great post. It looks like you had some fun times. Especially nice that you got to have dinner out with your grown up son. How special is that?