Monday, January 25, 2010

Birth Day and Birthday

First of all, I need to update our "January Happenings." I'm so happy to say that we have a brand new baby neice to celebrate in January now, also. She was a surprise in that she arrived in January instead of February. We are so glad that Carissa Joy has joined the family. You can get a glimpse of her and her beautiful family on her mom's blog here. She joins three older sisters who are just adorable and so well-behaved. She has wonderful parents who love her dearly.

Second, back to "January Happenings", Brady's birthday party. Her actual bday is on the 29th, but we had a sleepover party on the 22nd. Can you say 4 AM? Yep, that was the time the last little girl fell asleep. We went to the movies (saw "The Spy Next Door", ate pizza and salad, decorated t-shirts, jacuzzied in the rain, play games, played pranks, talked, giggled, and pranked some more. Then, the next morning, at 8:15 AM I made chocolate chip pancakes for some very sleepy girls, 9 of them and one sleepy boy (12 yr. old brother, Jake). By 10 AM most of the girls were gone. Whew, that was fun!! Now for the clean-up!
Brady turns 11 on Friday. She is one special young lady. She has a heart for God. She is sweet and tender-hearted. She is girly and sporty. She is smart and she is silly. She is the honey that makes our family stick together. She is a lucky girl to have her family members love her so much and we are lucky to have her as our daughter/sister. What a blessing she is.
Next up, Robbie (actually he's before Brady, but next will be his celebration!)


Alicia said...

Aww...Happy early Birthday to Brady!!

You have lots of celebrations!!!

Looks like there was alot of fun going around!

Darcie said...

Happy early 11th Birthday to Brady...she sounds like one special young girl!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

What a SUPER time! Looks like she had a wonderful birthday.

Kristin said...

Brady is all those things and more! I am happy that my little ones look up to her and want to be like her....I would be proud for them to be like Brady at are truly blessed!
Thanks for the sweet words about Baby Carissa...she is wonderful - now if I could just get some sleep! :)

Kristin said...

Oh and that party looks like heaps of fun.... based on that, I'm sure we have crazy days ahead at our house....I'll be coming to you for advice/help :)