Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me! Mondays

First of all, I have never posted a "Not Me Monday." But... this time I really can. I, did not put my son's cell phone in the toaster oven to dry because he was pushed into the pool with his cell phone in his pocket. I, did not think it would dry faster and not melt. And, I did not melt it beyond recognition. I, did not call my neighbor, named Flo, Betty from across the street in my loudest voice. And, I, did not eat 16 Snickers bite-sized candies just because they were there. This has been a hard week for me :( Not really.....:) just being a dumbo!


Kristin said...

VERY funny. I hope you didn't ruin your magazine connection! (is that the same lady who gives them to you?) Flo, Betty - it can get confusing :) I'm glad you did that with the phone, because it sounds like something I would do. And be thankful you did not eat 16 regular size Snickers or you may be out buying new clothes when you go shopping for magazines :) Love and miss you! Wish we could be there for Easter. Did you get my email yet? (and btw, you could never be a dumbo :) - hey, I'm at 2 weeks no blogging - why can't I catch up with my life?????)

He And Me + 3 said...

Seriously, it meltedt the phone? Yikes. wonder if that is covered by the warranty? LOL

Red Thread said...

Those cell phones...we had to dry one out once...still doesn't work the best. As for the Snickers...whose is counting...bring on the bag. :)