Thursday, December 24, 2009

52 Week Challenge 18/52

52 Weeks is a year long challenge for YOU to be in a picture once a week for 52 weeks. We are always the ones behind the camera, this is YOUR chance to get out in front and be in the pictures with your family. I love this challenge because I will have, at least, 52 pictures of me with my kids, all from one year!

Forever In Blue Jeans

I truly am blessed. My children are healthy and happy and I love my husband! I have everything I want for Christmas, truly.

Ashley and Robbie have been dating for 6 years. Ash is 23 (24 in May) and Rob is 24 (25 in Jan.). They are very cute and sweet together. Who knows? But, we love her very much.
Merry Christmas!!!


Marcelle said...

You are blessed I keep telling you as I can see it with each and every photo you post here, your happiness blossoms through your smile.
Merry Christmas ....enjoy and be happy as you have your family with you...mine are all so far away. I have to be happy with a webcam chat to them all on Christmas day.

Please tell me more about the challenge, it is over or starting...xx

He & Me + 3 said...

BEautiful family and how nice to have such a big group picture. Have a blessed Christmas!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, love the pictures. That top one of all six of you is just PERFECT! Casual, real, and beautiful!

Merry Christmas to you all, Leslie!

Darcie said...

Have a very beautiful and Merry Christmas Leslie!

jen@odbt said...

You have a beautiful family! Great smiles on everyone.