Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Favorite Things Friday- Couldn't Wait 'til Friday

We love camping and fishing. There is almost nothing better than camping and fishing. We love the time we spend without any interruptions. We simply depend on what we bring with us and each other.
Brady is a trooper. She doesn't love to fish as long as the rest of us, but she does great, especially if she catches something.

Jake was a fine fisherman on this trip. He caught the first fish and the first fish big enough to keep. He was quite proud of his "beautiful casts". Dad is awfully happy with Jacob's enthusiasm for fishing. We all got up at 5:30 AM to go fishing. We were the first ones there. Boy, was Daddy happy!

I love these yellow wildflowers that lined the highway on our way up. But, I really want to show off my kids' "mad skills" in fashion! I don't think they have left out any color of the rainbow. They aren't always this free- spirited, camping trips always bring out these inhibitions :)

I have definitely converted my husband into a dessert fiend. And, s'mores are a GREAT dessert!

One of Jake's catches prepared by Daddy. Delicious, if you like fish.

Jacob, the man!

S'mores, done right!
I love this man soooo much!

Daddy always gets us ready for fishing.

King of the forest!
What a great Father's Day weekend! We've got the best daddy and step-dad (Rob & Taylor in Sun Valley with their dad, also enjoying some fishing. Happy Father's Day, Whit)!!


Darcie said...

Looked like a truly awesome time, and can understand why that post could not wait until Friday!

E @ Scottsville said...

Awwww, great photos! Looks like a fun trip.

Leslie, pleae tell Brady that Riley did get her message but wasn't home last night to respond. We'll try to do that tonight. {smiles}

Kristin said...

You got some great pictures - and it is so pretty there - looks like you all had a great time. I love how you still have a hold of your marshmallows while hugging Brad....don't want to let anyone get them! :) You two are beautiful as usual...wish there were a way for us all to get together...LOVE YOU!