Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prayers for Kayleigh

I haven't figured out exactly how to make a blog button or rather the small square image. I wanted to post about our friend Kayleigh. She is 12 years old and is going through her second round of cancer. Her first bout was less than a year ago and it was in her quadricep. This time it has returned and it is in her lungs. She is a wonderful girl. Her spirit is beautiful and her faith is strong. We need prayers for a full-recovery. We have to storm Heaven with our prayers.
This is the most recent update from her mom:
I wish I could say we had better odds, but Kayleigh is strong and she's very healthy now, so there is hope that the treatments will be a success. We have 2 options for treatment, the traditional chemo method, which really doesn't have a lot of success with this type of cancer and is very hard and damaging to the rest of the body (not to mention all the side affects and their complications added to the mix). The other option is to try an alternative treatment, which is experimental, using an antibody/antigen to attack the cancer cells and hopefully destroy them. This has had some success in other patients with other types of cancer, and she has time to try it and if it doesn't appear to be working, we can choose to switch back to the chemo method. It doesn't have a lot of the side affects or complications that chemo has, but does have some of it's own. (She wouldn't loose her hair with the alternative option, not that that's really a factor in deciding.) He seemed to favor the new, alternative method over the chemo at this point. He explained that the chemo would most likely only take care of these tumors developed, but not necessarily all the cancer cells still not detected, and that's very probably the case now. In essence, it would only buy some time until the next round of tumors cropped up and we find ourselves facing the same decision again. There's no guarantees, and the odds aren't great, but there is a chance that the new treatment will work and kill the cancer cells.
So you see, there is no time to waste. We love Kayleigh and we want to help her in every way we know how.


E said...

Leslie, if you'd like for me to create you a button, just send me the image you want to use to my email address. It's in my sidebar. I created my button, the "Five Moms & A Blog" button, and more for friends. I don't mind a bit!

Will pray for her for sure!

Darcie said...

Thanks for sharing Kayleigh's story. She and her family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry to hear this....I will DEFINITELY be praying!

Carrie said...

What a sweet girl...will keep her in our prayers! How hard it is to see such sweet children be in pain and sickness...I used to work in a children's hospital as an x-ray tech...and seeing sick children every day was normal, but never easy.

You have an extremely beautiful family...I'm sure you are often mistaken for a sister :)
Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment :)