Monday, February 2, 2009

When I'm Not Feeling "Just Right"

At night on the Isthmus of Catalina

Brady and Lauren after a nighttime play in the water

Me and Vikki with coffee and diet coke

Our view from our campsite. And, two of my beautiful kids and my HOT husband!

Time to go exploring in an ocean cave!

When I feel dissatisfied/funny/not settled/anxious it is nice to post a blog and a picture. It makes me feel okay, that's all.


maryanne420 said...

hi leslie,
thank you for visiting my blog. can i just tell you that i am in awe of how fantastic you look. i can't believe that you have children those ages. before i visited your blog, i thought you had toddlers when you said you had 3 boys and a girl. whatever your secret is, please pass it on, will you?

mary anne

KRISTIN said...

I totally concur with mary anne. All that you have done, continue to do, and still remain a kind, loving person and great friend/sister is amazing. The fact that you are "hot mom" on top of it all is even more amazing!
I'm sorry you have felt out of sorts - I know how that is - just came out of a few weeks of that myself and it is weird and frustrating. But thank God it doesn't last! Hope we get to talk for "real" soon! Love you and miss you! K

nancy said...

hi there friend!
i found you!!! :) i can't wait to see you at work on Tuesday.. it's always so nice having you there to talk with and to have a friend who listens and shares good advice.
... you're an amazing woman!!
enjoy your long weekend
love you