Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Try

I've wanted to give this a try for a long time. Kristin, my sister-in-law, is my inspiration for this! Well, I love taking pictures and I love scrapbooking. Now I can showcase the photos of those people in another way! Let the craziness begin!


KRISTIN said...

Yaay! I'm your first 'follower' :) and your first comment! Your blog is beautiful! I really like what you have done - now let the craziness begin!! :)...I can't wait to check back and see what else you put on here. I love the picture you chose for the header! And the other ones you added also.....See you in 'blogland' soon! xo Kristin

Rob said...

Wow Mom, never knew you were this computer savvy. Very cool site. Who is the really good looking guy the farthest to the right in the picture at the top? Haha. Anyway, you are going to become so addicted to this, I can see it already. Maybe get all of you kids names in order before you get into deep with this. :)

Love you,


KRISTIN said...

Did you see my slideshow I just put on my blog last night? I actually found a slideshow I like better but this one was real easy because the pictures on your blog get automatically put in an album on picasa so there is no downloading (if you are using pics that you have previously posted on your blogspot). I know you have a lot of pictures, so you may want to check it out at some point or we can play with it when we see each other next week :) Just a few more days 'til Christmas! K

Kristin said...
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KRISTIN said...

Me again...Hey, you need to write something new :)
Hope your Christmas day was WONDERFUL! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow - we should have a fun weekend! Love you!